Short solution for short problems

1D barcode active X

This week I had to implement 1D barcodes in an existing application. I start looking for a cheap or free solution that I could use. I had to test a lot of barcodes and I ended up with 1 possible candidate. It was the barcode from Java4less. I implemented the solution and everything seem to work fine. But when I tested the barcodes on the Zebra barcodeprinter, I noticed that the generated barcodes where too long and felt out of the printing range. So a piece of the barcodes was not printed making the barcodes useless. I asked if there was an easy solution to make the barcode smaller, they responded that I had to change the printersettings. This was not possible!

Second solution. My company already used barcides in Access froms. It was an old activeX component. But it worked fine! The only disadvantage is that we have to copy the OCX file to every client and register it. (We are deploying this with group policies.)  You can use an activeX almost simular as a dll. So writing the code was no problem. The barcode with the same type CODE128 now is 1cm less wide. This one fitted perfectly on the labels. It is also possible to scale the barcodes. The activeX came from TBarcode. They also have .Net components, but rather expensive.

The code was really simpel, if you're interested, please contact me or reply to this comment.