Short solution for short problems

SAP ALV: Field symbol has not yet been assigned.

I'm also involved in a little SAP development, yes you read it well, not only ASP but also SAP ;-)

I got a course to help out with the internal development and debugging. So my first real mission was to create a simple ALV. In the course it took me 1 hour and it was fixed. But now I was facing this great error and couldn't find what was wrong. At the end it appeared to be a copy paste mistake. I forgot to change the structure name of the fieldcategory structure. This was also because the ALV template had some confusing text above it, it said to change the name if the include. But imho it is better to call it structure because that what it is!

 *!TODO! - change this to your include - make sure to use capital letters!

changed this to:

 *!TODO! - change this to your structure - make sure to use capital letters!

That offcourse dind't solved the problem but will prevent this from occurring once more. Now I just had to set the correct structure name:

 *!TODO! - change this to your structure - make sure to use capital letters!
  PERFORM fieldcat_build_single
          USING 'ZMRDALVGOODSSTR' p_buffer.
*          USING 'ZMRDTESTSTRUCT2'  p_buffer.
  PERFORM change_fieldcatalog.

  PERFORM get_data.

 Below an outprint of the error: