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Remove send TO from the item menu

I have a SharePoint site that handles important documents with enhanced security. Users are allowed to view the documents, but no changes are allowed. So I decided to use Rights Management Services in cooperation with WSS security. Now I can even prevent users from saving and printing the word documents. But then SharePoint allowed a menu feature: "Send To"  which allowed the user to copy a document locally. This feature was not easy to remove. It's not possible using WSS security.

I tried a solution that proposed to add a empty javascript to the page or masterpage. This script would replace the AddSendSubMenu(m,ctx) script from the core.js in the WSS directory. But it didn't work. Then I found a solution on this site that worked for me. It involved changing the AddSendSubMenu javascript in the core.js file. One IISRESET was required. You could change the script or just empty the complete function, but I chose to add an IF to check for the document library name. Because it only applied for 1 particular document library.

Here is the change I made to the script:

function AddSendSubMenu(m,ctx){if(ctx.listName !="{3971CB40-C660-48BB-BF86-9FF3917A053A}"){
...script text


You can find the ID if the library in the content database, in the table Alllists or by clicking the settings link of the library and removing the url spacial characters.

You can find the core.js file here Drive :\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033