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Daily WSS: Document libraries

Document libraries

These libraries are specially created to store documents in a central place and provide lots of default functionality on these documents.
You can upload or create new documents to a library using the web interface or your windows explorer. That’s right; SharePoint enables you to control documents from your windows explorer, office application or the World Wide Web. You can even add documents to your library by email! There is a possibility to work with different content types in the same library, content types and their strength is explained later on this blog.

You can secure documents, folders and libraries on a different level. You can add workflows to libraries or content types.
WSS 3.0 offers publishing on documents. You can use version history with major and minor versions. The history of documents is kept by the system if we enable versions; therefore it is really easy to rollback previous versions. When multiple users are working on the same documents you can use the check in, check out functionality.

You can create and edit documents using your appropriate office application. When you open the document, the system will choose the correct office application and lets you chose whether to check out or not. You can even change the metadata of the document within the office application of you are using Office 2007.
Content of the documents is crawled by the system. This enables you to perform a search based on the contents of the documents.
It’s possible to receive content or notifications on your mobile.