Short solution for short problems


Since I'm passing many hours behind a computer screen, my body is tortured whole day long. Phisically I try to compensate this with extreme hinking. It gives me a good reason to keep my body in shape. This year we are planning to climb the highest mountain of Norway during winter time. With a budget of 300€ we will be away for a week. This means that we look for the most cheap way to travel and hike. Instead of buying expensive equipement, we use basic things. For example we will use 2 low quality sleeping bags to fight the cold instead of one expansive sleeping bag. This will provide valuable information for the average hikers. Follow our project here.

Winter hike

Besides being nurdisch, I'm an active christian and a hiker. I try to do one big hiking trip every year. This year I'm going to hike in the winter. Together with 2 friends I'm trying to climb the highest mountain of norway. Using only basic equipement and sleeping in a tent. You can follow this trip on this sharepoint 2003 site.  This site is no longer available!