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Daily WSS: Lists


Lists in SharePoint can contain almost all types of data. You can add multiple attachments to list items; you can add metadata and calculated fields to the list. Metadata can be one of the following types: Single line of text, multiple lines of text, choice, number, currency, date and time, lookup (values in a list or library on the site), yes/no, person or group, hyperlink or picture, calculated (you can perform many functions on fields and show the result in this column).
It is possible to add different content types to the list, multiple workflows and in dept security… A list can be a very powerful source of information.
You can look at a list like a database table with a web interface and much more functionality. You can create these lists through a web interface and manage them. You can add columns at any time to the list, change views and order. The content is also completely searchable.
It’s possible to receive list content or notifications on your mobile.