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Windows reboot shutdown command

When I'm working with remote desktop it's not always permitted to reboot the computer via the windows inferface. These options are available:

The first time I had to reboot, I tried some dos commands like: reboot or restart, but hat didn't worked. So I used a detour: I opened msconfig and modified something, just clicking on and off again and when I pressed OK the system asked me to reboot the computer. What can I say, I had no time to google...

After I looked for the command to reboot or shutdown a computer. SHUTDOWN was the command and it has some nice parameters:

-r : restart

-s : shutdown

-t : add some time to the shutdown in seconds

-a : cancel the shutdown.

\? will list all the possible parameters.

Here's an example:

Then I wanted to try the cancel command. I ran a shutdown command with 30 seconds delay:

Quickly opened the command prompt and ran this command:

And the shutdown was cancelled.

And another nice option of the shutdown command is the -i. This opens a dailog where you can choose a pc to shutdown, you can even shutdown multiple pc at the same time. If you are in a secured network, be sure to test this. In public places like schools etc. this command is often still enabled. You can shutdown computers remotely. You can imagine the possibilities in a classroom. ;-) Don't abuse it, just use it to point out the security leuks though ;-) Here's an image of the interface: