Short solution for short problems

Spam in Blogengine.Net 1.5

I'm gettings attacked by spam bots, some times hundreds of SPAM comment each day.

So I was looking for aniti-spam measurements. Lack of time, I tried only 1 solution, but it failed, so I just tried the following:

I added an image with some text, this is always the same text. And the user has to fill in this text. My guess is it will keep the bots away, since they will not write a special bot only for this image and this blog. I put a regular expression field on the textbox checking on the text. So it only takes 3 or 4 lines of code to implement this:

1. Add an image with custom text

2. Add a textbox

3. Set a required field validator on the textbox

4. Set a regular expression validator on the textbox, checking on your text.  

After some waiting, the spam bots still got through, even if I removed the image. So my guess is that they look for the validators. So I will have to do the check in the code behond.

Temporary no comments

Because of all the SPAM comments,

I decided to disable the comments, until I've implemeted a anti spam extension to the blog.

I did not have time to do this yet.

You can always contact me via the contact form of this blog.

Spam poison

I use this on every page that holds email adresses. This keeps the bugs out!

This is what is does:

Robots who collect e-mail adresses will end up in an endless loop. They will keep on getting dynamically created email adresses, creating spam in their own databse. The brain's behind the spambots will have to clean up their data and start over again. This is not a guarantee that spam bots will not find your email!