Short solution for short problems

Google: Adsense responsive add

Google has this responsive adds which are crucial to use on a responsive web page. So I changed them on this new Blog layout.

And then in smaller screens:

Same post, same add frame (different add). But you see that the height has increased and the width has decreased.

My iGoogle theme on the Google theme's list

Today I found my iGoogle theme in the Google directory and noticed that 353 users are currently using it.

It's on page 142 of the 212 pages!!!

You can use this link to check it out: http://www.google.com/ig/directory?q=jotunheimen&type=themes&dpos=themes

If you like nature, then you can add this theme and expect regulary updates, with more pictures and even better layout!

You can enter search terms: Jotunheimen or "mark deraeve" and you will find this theme too.

I encourage everyone who's a iGoogle user and has some XML knowledge to try it out!




Google history

Today I was looking with google to solve a problem in with a PC. I found a good solution page that described 4 possible solutions. I read them and thaught that I knew wich solution could fix the problem. So I closed the page and tried it out on the PC.

It didn't worked. So I wanted to view the other solutions, that's when I noticed I closed the page. I couldn't remember which search term I used to find this page. My company does not allow autocomplete in forms. Thats where Google history comes in.

Log on http://www.google.com/history/ with your google account and there you have the history of all your google searches. The history goes back al long time, as far as I know it stores and keeps your history indefenately. You can delete history yourself, in case of sensative search terms.

Here a peek of the tool.

This allows you to go back in time and choose a day you like.

Here you can see the search terms of a particular day. You can click on any of them to open the result pag. There is lots to find in this tool. You can also expand your Google history if you are using google toolbar. It can include URL's you visited. I don't care about my provacy, because I have nothing to hide.

Search a theme for iGoogle

When you create your own theme, you can submit it to the Google themes directory. They won't notify you or provide you with an url on how to add your theme.

Not to worry, there is a search box where you can look for your theme. BUT!!!

When your interface language is Dutch, there is no search box. Try finding your theme in 1000's of google themes. Every day, more and more theme are added and is harder and harder to find your theme. Here is the difference between the 2 interfaces:





So tell me, is this discrimination or what :-)

I guess somebody just forgot to put is in there...

Together with Niki we found this error and a  solution. You can use the search box by changing your iGoogle inferface language to English.

/*Added on 19 september */

Just a day after this discovery I noticed that this problem was solved by Google. I guess I was to fast with my conclusions.

Google Chrome

Google introduced a while ago, their new browser: Google Chrome. I'm checking it out later on, also testing several content management systems like sharepoint.

If you're looking for more info click here.

They made a cartoon on the functionalities: http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/index.html.

You can join the open source developers (VS 2005 or 2008), or just take a peak at the code here:


Google Adsense

I placed Google adsense on this website. I'm trying to earn some money so I could pay off the hosting of this website. Please, if you read this, click on one of the adds on your right.

The system works really easy. It is very easy to implement this on every website. If you have a site or blog with several visitors per day, it could be a nice extra and it wont cost you a dime!

To check your account they deposit a smaal amout, in my case it was like 19 euro cents. Then when your earned money reaches 100$ they will deposit it on your bank account. I never had this, but you could help me get this ;-)

 Try it out yourself, the only requirement is a free google account!

Google fan

As a huge Google fan, I try to be updated about the latest new features Google presents.

An agenda with free sms notification makes my life a lot more easy. You know when use try to use an agenda, but still you forget to look in it at the most important times. You forget sometimes an appointment with the dentist. Not anymore. Google offers free sms notification.

Also Picasa has a lot to offer. You can store 2 Gig photo's on the web, if you make the quality web-based you can put you're whole life in there. You can map your photo's, so you can see with a google map where the picture was taken. You can also use an embedded flash tool to show your pictures everywhere:

And don't get me started on iGoogle or google analytics, whow, this is really crazy.

Google also lets you keep your web history. A few days ago I was looking in my mail for a aknowledgement about something I ordered, but I could't find it. I forgot which url. I was a little desperate, because I paid with credit card, but didn't recieved a mail to track the order. I ended up in my google web history and after a while I founded the search text I used to find the website. And I got my order back.